The work you see here is a collection of work that I've created over the past few months. I am currently available for full-time/freelance work in motion graphics, video editing and graphic design. While my skills are limited, I am passionate and have unlimited creative ideas and concepts, and always try to think out of the box, however perverted that is! (:

Crazy Green Screen.

Got carried away on this but a lot of fun and some good practice on my acting career!

David Fue: Spartacus

A fictitous project. Very important learning and motivational piece and responsible for my progress on this page. Unedited, a lot of temporary (Me dancing? To eventually be replaced with a model!) items for feedback that were not removed yet. Doesn't play? Click here.

Sample of my upcoming work.

Part of the concept for my upcoming 'awesome' website. I have big conceptual ideas and it will happen.

David Fue: Facebook Promo

A quick fictitous video. It was somewhat of a challenge to time everything out and it represents my progress.

Trade Secrets Revealed?

Trying to be conceptual here with the green screen process, and my new acting career! I actually almost fell stepping down.

My World: Rough Preliminary

This is extremely rough but decided to post it because it is taking forever to complete -- currently on hold. I am learning particle systems, flares, and other effects that will be implimented, so stay tuned!!