Self promotional video. My worm hole/vortex facination from the 'Intro/Featured' video is evident here.
The start of the next 'Featured' video. Very quick and dirty for now.
This was an extension of the previous 'elephant' exercise. I planned the concept out for several weeks. Limited to computer capability.
A quick fictitous video from a YouTube song. A challenge for me timing everything to the fast paced music.
A ficticuous video, unfinished, unedited [embarrassing] sections. Many tutorials involved. Thought I would share, though.
Got carried away with the green screen but thought funny and part of my creative process.
The elephant was an application from a new technique I learned. I was trying to be conceptual here with the green screen process.
Unfinished indefinitely but figured I'd share. Something I started in my video class. [Please do not report me].
Fun class assignment for me. Incorporates my facination with scary stuff and humor. Definitely turn the sound on for this.
Another unfinished indefinitely video that I started in class. Only a framework of what it was but thought I would share.